SAPA Core Values

Our Core Values 1.    Identification, recognition and acknowledgement by human beings of the existence and the rights all communities of beings are the basis for our overall understanding of life in the past, in the present and in the future; 2.    Identification, recognition and acknowledgement brings about “respect” to the existence of all beings, 3.    […]

Core Programmes of SAPA

Core Programmes of the Institute SAPA will organize activities in various formal and legal activities that are not on the contrary with the constitution or government laws, by carrying out, among others, the following activities: 1.    Manage and promote a sustainable living between human beings and the surrounding environment (other communities of beings) 2.    Revitalize […]

The Objectives of SAPA

The Purpose of the Foundation General Purpose: To participate in the areas of Natural Environment, Culture and Society so that human societies become aware, acknowledge and accept the reality of the Laws of the Nature that rules the Universe and participate in promoting the Laws of the Nature formally within the government laws on the […]

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All About Universal Natural Laws, Customary Laws and Godly Laws and about SAPA (Semua tentang Huum Alamiah Universal, Hukum Adat dan Hukum Ilahi dan tentang SAPA

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About SAPA

Name: Friends of the Papua Nature (FoPN) Form of Organisation: Foundation, in the name of an Institute of the Friends of Papua Nature (Nama: Yayasan Sahabat Alam Papua (SAPA) atau Institut SAPA Bentuk Orgasasi: Yayasan, dengan nama Istitute Sahabat Alam Papua) Slogan: Follow the Laws of the Nature It means, we are just followers of the […]